South Jersey Yacht Sales

Offshore Showdown

Two years ago, we saw the end of the Viking / Ocean Showdown after 27 years. The Showdown stood for what is best about offshore fishing: good times, camaraderie and friendly competition. The relationship between the Healey and Leek families epitomizes this spirit. Even as the South Jersey Tournaments team was wrapping up last year’s event, people were pressing to make sure that there would be a similar event in its place. For some teams, the Showdown had become the traditional start of their tournament season; for others, it was the only tournament they participated in. 2017. In July 2017, South Jersey Yacht sales working with Viking Yachts hosted the 1st Annual Offshore Showdown. As South Jersey Yacht Sales emerges into a new era, recognition and respect for the greatest values of the tournaments thirty-year history is paramount. Generations of families have bought their Viking and Ocean Yachts here, as well as our other brands Albemarle, Yellowfin and Jupiter. Some customers started boating in more modest fashion, while others managed their way up to grand battlewagons. Yet other boaters and fishermen have retired back into first-class outboards offered by South Jersey Yacht Sales. To us, the greatest asset of South Jersey Yacht Sales is our loyal community of clients up and down the New Jersey coast and elsewhere. The South Jersey Yacht Sales Offshore Showdown has retained what we considered the best elements of the Viking Ocean Showdown. We kept the relaxed Fish-Lay-Fish schedule, the abundant dinners and dockside parties, and having vendor and manufacturer representatives on hand. What we have added is a focus on family, both yours and ours. We want you to bring your extended family of friends to enjoy South Jersey hospitality. The prize list has also been expanded to include more family prizes. One of the best aspects about our sport is that it’s an activity that the whole family can do together, and we want to celebrate that. I am pleased to have this unique opportunity to invite you to participate in the second annual South Jersey Yacht Sales Offshore Showdown. To reserve your spot, please return the enclosed entry form to South Jersey Yacht Sales. I look forward to meeting all of you.

George C. Robinson III President South Jersey Yacht Sales