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How to Spend the 4th on the Water

How to Spend the 4th  on the Water

5 Great Ways to Spend the 4th on the Water 

1. Watch fireworks with the family

Watching fireworks on the 4th of July is a must! Depending on the time of day you plan to be on the water plan to attend a firework show. Do not set off fireworks from your vessel, that is not smart boating. Instead, find out if there is a local show scheduled to occur and cruise over to that location. Watching the fireworks from the water allows you to have the best seat in the house to observe. If you plan to have kids aboard this is a must-do activity!

2. Decorate your Boat & Enter a Parade

Want to show off your boat and your love for the USA? A boat parade is a great opportunity to do both! The 4th of July only occurs once a year, so you might as well go all out. If you are close to a body of water it is guaranteed that there will be a 4th of July parade you can participate in this weekend. Better get to decorating!

3. Barbeque on your boat 

Is it really the 4th of July if someone isn’t grilling up burgers and dogs? The best way to elevate this summer tradition is to change the scenery! Bringing your barbeque to the boat is a great way to stay cool this holiday weekend. Check out this article from Southern Boating for all the safety information you need to properly get your grill on the water.

4. Watersports

Tubing and other water sports are fun for the whole family, anyone can be pulled around on the water. Not only are watersports a fun way to spend the day, but also a great way to bring the family together.

5. Go on an Adventure

No matter where you are there is a place on the water to be discovered. Whether it is a new restaurant or going to visit an island you’ve never been to. The opportunities are endless on the water.