South Jersey Yacht Sales

Gina D'Orazio

Gina D'Orazio - Service Coordinator

Somers Point, NJ, US

Gina D’Orazio has salt in her soul and the sun on her mind at all times. Gina is a 609 local and began fishing with her Dad at the early age of 3 and hasn’t stopped since.  She is a proud mother of two and raises her children to love and respect the ocean.  Gina’s passion for sales and customer service is fulfilled daily since joining the team at South Jersey Yacht Sales & Service Center. The position as service coordinator combines many of her skills developed from owning her own business for the last 12 years.  Gina needed to be closer to the water, thankfully life led her to South Jersey Yacht Sales & Service Center. She enjoys keeping our clients’ best interests in mind, ensuring a safe, successful, boating season for all.